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30 Artists 30 Days

I will be painting LIVE this Saturday for the One Love Generation + Sam Flax + Goat Farm auction to benefit One Love.  I should be there around 1 and paint till it closes.  Come say hello and see if what I will make (cause I have no clue)! This is the piece I auctioned […]

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Born & Bred | ABV Gallery

I have a nice piece in this show.  I was going to do almost a sign americana, tight handcut freshness… but… decided to make fun of politicians instead.  ABV always has a great event around their art, and there are tons of other great artists, showing off for you.  See you Saturday. – TINDEL Born […]

Illuminate tindel kai lin gallery
Shows / Exhibits

ILLUMINATE at Kai Lin Gallery

ILLUMINATE Friday, December 14th, 2012 7:00 – 10:00 pm exhibit will run through January 25th ILLUMINATE: [ɪˈluːmɪˌneɪt] to enlighten intellectually or spiritually; to become lighted; glow. ILLUMINATE is a group exhibition featuring new art works by artists John Tindel, Larry Anderson, Greg Noblin, Nathan Sharratt, Lucha Rodriguez, Mike Lowery, Katrin Wiehle, Alex Leopold, Ashley Schick, […]