Book Cover Illustration

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“…needs a few more chickens” I guess I overlooked the fact that I will have a painting on a book cover about to be published because it is my grandma, Murriel Meadows, book.  She has been writing it for the last 20 years, and it is about her Dad & Grandad and the travel to [...]


New TindelMichi Begins

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TindelMichi is back in the studio creating a new piece for an upcoming show at Barbara Archer Gallery this summer. Michi Meko and Tindel are trying to capture the spirit of the collaboration by showing the progress, twists and changed that a piece can take during the process. Stay tuned.



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Tindel LIVE at Sam Flax March 14th, 2012 from 12:30-closing. This post is an art journal for the 7 hour day. 1. After getting one kid to school… dealing with other. Here is a photo of the stuff I think i will bring, to be able to make something today. Gonna pick up some sexy [...]

Tindel Durty Birds

In Progress: Durty Birds Painting

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TINDEL: ARTWORK IN PROGRESS (For reasons of spontaneity, the photos are form my phone ) New piece i have been working on for a while now, the piece has been hanging in a gallery as finished. However, It made it back to the studio and got hit again – painted on. Freshen those Durty Birds up.. I [...]